Require a demo? No problem. 

Here at CBC, we're more than happy to provide you with a demo of our products. Whether it's an interactive flat panel or a projector, we'll provide a full, in-depth demonstration, allowing you to get to grips with and understand the product that you're interested in. 

What can we demo?

Interactive Panels

Interactive Panels

Not sure about investing in a new panel? We understand. Our team will talk you through all the features and how to use our panels, and even leave one on site with you for a while to use before you make any decisions.



With so many tablets out there, trying a model before purchasing can save you money while ensuring you get the right fit for your students. 



Find a model to suit your daily workspace requirements.

Osborne Technologies

Osborne Technologies Products

With so many innovative solutions from Osborne Technologies, testing products out in the classroom to see how students engage can be easily arranged. 



Bring your work to life with visualisers that include forward-thinking capabilities, like one-touch recording, on board annotation, and standalone wireless operations.

Interactive Accessories

Interactive Accessories

Perfectly fitting in with your interactive panel or projector, there's a number of accessories available to improve the learning experience in your classroom.

Want to know more?

Contact us via the form here, or give us a call on 0114 278 7712. 

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Our company has now been in operation for over 30 years with consistent growth over that period, this is testament to our business model which helps our customers achieve their IT goals through long-term partnerships. We keep up with the landscape of the IT industry to make sure we offer our customers long-term solutions. 

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