SMART Board 7000 Series

Inspire greatness

SMART Board 7000 series is 25 years in the making, and all new. The 7000 series is the digital heart of your interactive classroom experience, connecting SMART Boards and software, devices and vibrant imaginations. It helps students discover talents and passions, and teachers to promote student achievement in exciting new ways.

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Featuring iQ embedded technology

Exclusive learning software

Exclusive SMART Ink software

Simultaneous Tool Differentiation


iQ makes everything one touch away

iQ Android embedded computing lets teachers switch with a tap, from delivering a lesson to writing on a whiteboard to surfing the internet.

Students stay focused. Teachers save precious time.

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Includes free learning software

Turn static content into interactive lessons with the world's best education software designed to work within the workflows your teachers already use.

SMART Notebook

SMART share your passion: inspiring students to learn. That's why they're here for teachers with SMART Notebook basic version - the free learning software that helps teachers create dynamic, interactive lessons delivered on an interactive display.

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SMART Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite is the one software for educators with interactive lesson delivery, collaborative workspaces, game-based activities, formative assessments, and more. All while balancing individual classroom needs and budgets.

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Only with SMART Board 7000 Series

Revolutionary features that raise the 7000 series experience a level above.

Lag Free and Precise

Exclusive HyPr Touch technology lets you write and interact with on-screen content with no lag - whether you're using a pen, eraser or a finger.


Now teachers can preview what's showing on every device plugged into their SMART Board. It takes the guesswork out of switching between inputs.

Convenience Panel

The convenience panel has power, volume, freeze frame, USB and HDMI inputs where they're easy to reach.

HDMI 2.0

4K is the standard for media quality. The SMART Board 7000 series comes with HDMI 2.0 ports to show 4K video (not just images) from laptops and other devices.

Four Pens and an Eraser

Pen ID helps teachers identify what each student contributes. Students can write in red, green, blue and black ink at the same time.

16 Interaction Points

More simultaneous interaction points allow more students to collaborate at the board. With up to four pens, ten fingers and two erasers doing different things at the same time, everyone can contribute.

Mac and Windows Compatible

SMART Board 7000 series delivers an identical experience on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Proximity Sensor

The 7000 series warms up when you walk into the room, and turns on instantly when you press power or pick up a pen.


The SMART Board 7000 series frees student imaginations to run wild. Students and teachers can add notes to, and draw on, virtually everything you can show on the board as easy as paper.

Teachers see four different answers written at the same time with Pen ID.

Capture screens. Change ink colours. Use presentation tools. Convert writing to text. SMART Ink gives teachers one-touch access to these features and more.

Smooth writing experience produces lines with curved edges that look real.

The SMART Board 7000 series comes with four pens, so it's easy for students to work side by side on projects.

Only with SMART

Exclusive to SMART Board displays, SMART Ink software lets teachers write over videos and websites, and into PDFs and Microsoft Office files, then save notes right in the file. Even better, Simultaneous Tool Differentiation frees multiple students to write, erase and move notes at the same time. 

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Let your students collaborate and learn in new ways with innovative SMART touch technology.

An ultra-smooth Silktouch finish allows teachers to use the board for hours without finger burn.

16 simultaneous interaction points let many students do different things at the same time with pens, erasers and fingers.

Fingers select. Pens write. Palms erase. Your SMART Boards automatically know the different thanks to Object Awareness.


Spark classroom discussions. Uncover hidden talents. Inspire greatness. The SMART Board 7000 series connects everyone and everything inside an immersive classroom experience.

Share any Android, Apple and Windows device with the board.

No apps. No cables. No extra computers. An all-new wireless experience is perfect for BYOD lessons.

Every lesson and presentation looks crystal clear in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

iQ technology makes it really easy for students and teachers to share everything with the class.

Easy to afford. Even easier to use.

Training, maintenance and energy costs are big expenses. We want to help stretch your technology budget and lower the total cost of ownership over your SMART Board's lifespan.

SMART pioneered Accelerated Life Testing to ensure less downtime and longer life.

SMART Boards are one of the few to earn an ENERGY STAR certification for energy efficient design.

Technology that's easy to use gets used. Intuitive design increases teacher adoption and reduces training time. 

Presence detection cameras automatically turn the panel on and off when you walk in or leave the room. 

Your 7000 series panel comes with a 3-year warranty (5-year for the United Kingdom), and a 1-year warranty on pens.

Automatic, over-the-air software and firmware updates with every new release save your IT department tons of time.

Commercial-grade SMART Boards are rated for 50,000 hours and provide years of dependable use.

Fully heat-tempered glass is not only the safest option, but it can also stand up to the roughest classroom use.

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