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Three SMART interactive panel screens in different sizes

Affordable, high-quality interactive displays.

SMART’s range of industry-leading interactive displays offer powerful capability at a great price. Built to last, designed for any learning environment and easy to use, deploy and support, a SMART Board is a solid investment in the classroom of the future.

Get Simple.

SMART displays are engineered for the simplicity teachers want, and they’re easy to deploy and support. This means savings in training and support costs, less change and effort for teachers and a lower total cost of ownership. It’s an investment you can count on for years to come.  

SMART interactive panel with 2 pens in the centre. Cartoon game with images of a laboratory on the screen.
Three young children doing school work on tablets with a teacher working on a SMART Board interactive panel in the background

Get Connected.

Bring together all the technology and content in your classroom seamlessly. SMART displays help teachers leverage your investments in student devices more meaningfully, while easily managing connected devices, content and learning experiences – both in and out of the classroom.

Get Engaging.

With built-in Android™ and free, powerful lesson creation software including SMART Notebook®, your SMART Board® arrives ready to use. Includes a range of industry-leading teaching tools and a massive content library.

young children in a classroom watching a teachers as she conducts a lesson on a SMART BOARD interactive panel
SMART Board interactive panel with a sunset background
SMART Board Interactive Panel with leaf screensaver
SMART Board Interactive Panel

MX Series

6000 Series

7000 Series

Teachers want simplicity, and the SMART Board MX delivers. Easily connect devices, content and learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom. And with a SMART Board its easy to deploy and support, you achieve return on your technology investment and a lower total cost of ownership. With industry-leading touch, digital ink and personalization features, the SMART Board MX is an investment in seamless interactivity that you can count on for years to come. And and incredibly easy user experience means minimal training time and tech support. 

Students achieve more when they’re free to express themselves and explore their interests. The new SMART Board 6000 series with iQ gets everyone in your classrooms out of their seats and eager to learn, using different devices. The 6000 series helps you create learning experiences without cables or limits.
Connecting everyone and everything, SMART Board 6000 series gives students a chance to share their unique perspectives and recognize their classmates’ contributions too.

SMART Board 7000 series is 25 years in the making, and all new. The 7000 series is the digital heart of your interactive classroom experience, connecting SMART Boards and software, devices and vibrant imaginations. It helps students discover talents and passions, and teachers to promote student achievement in exciting new ways.Training, maintenance and energy costs are big expenses. We want to help stretch your technology budget and lower the total cost of ownership over your SMART Board’s lifespan. 

Illustrated table comparing all of the features of the SMART Board MX, 6000 and 7000 series units
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Image of three SMART Boards in differing sizes
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Deliver engaging lessons no matter where your learners are. 

Two young boys in a classroom playing a science game on a SMART Board

Powerful tools for active teaching.

The SMART Learning Suite is now more powerful than ever for anywhere learning. Its features everything that is needed for today's changing teaching environments. Intuitive web-based software that helps you create engaging lessons students can interact with in class, remotely or on their own time all on their own devices, allowing you to engage with your students like never before, whilst also capturing valuable insight into your student learning.

Set up an engaging lesson within minutes.

Import the lessons you already use, or choose new ready-made resources and enhance them with customizable components including games, collaborative Workspaces and much more. You can easily add your existing lesson content including Microsoft Office Powerpoint, PDF and Google Workspace for Education files without worrying about file conversions. Simply import and go. Transform lessons into team-based assessments, activities and games like Monster Quiz, making collaboration more fun and engaging. 

Image of a teacher helping a few students understand math problems using a SMART Board
Image of a bunch of children in a music classroom, with one child writing on a SMART Board

Capture insight into learning.

Make learning visible to you and your class with a dashboard master view of each student's work. Guide each learner individually in real time as they progress while customized activities and games provide automatic feedback to keep learning on track. This software allow you to know where students are at in their learning even when they aren't in front of you with a variety of formative assessments, individual and group workspace dashboards.