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Because better student outcomes begin with better ways to learn.

SMART Learning Suite Key Features

SMART Learning Suite is the all-in-one education software that empowers teachers, sparks student engagement, and elevates outcomes.

An educator's time in the classroom is precious. Fill it with more teachable, engaging moments made possible with the best learning software.

SMART Learning Suite is the one software for educators with interactive lesson delivery, collaborative workspaces, game-based activities, formative assessments, and more. All while balancing individual classroom needs and budgets.

  • Lesson creation and delivery on any device including Chromebook computers
  • Lesson delivery to student devices
  • Flexibility during lesson delivery to go from teacher-paced to student-paced anytime
  • Access the suite anytime, anywhere - even at home
  • Student access from any web-enabled computer, tablet or phone
  • Easy integration with familiar workflows
  • Log in using a school Google or Microsoft account

Bringing More to the Learning Software Equation

Interactive Panels

Interactive Lessons

Create interactive lessons that are dynamic and engaging, and can be accessed on a SMART Board or device.


Collaborative Workplaces

Bring students together, providing them with an inspiring interactive canvas to explore topics and co-create.


Game-Based Activities

Use customisable templates to create game-based activities that make learning and teaching fun. 


Formative Assessments

Get a real-time assessment of students' understanding with question sets that they can answer on any device.

Explore the ways SMART Learning Suite empowers you to create dynamic, engaging lessons. Whether you're building from scratch or leveraging content you already have in other file formats, SMART Learning Suite makes it easy to add interactivity and collaboration to every lesson.

Integrates with your technology

SMART Learning Suite easily integrates with key platforms and the workflows teachers already know.

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Start a free 45-day trial to experience how you can transform static content into interactive lessons, or contact us with any questions you might have, or to get a quick quote.

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