ACID Pro FreeDrum Kit

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20 years ago, ACID set the new standards for musicians and producers with it's loop-based music composition. The new ACID Pro 8 is packed full of contemporary and pro-level features for today's creative artists and producers. Over $1,000 worth of instruments, loops and effects give you everything you need to create music in any gene. 

Now it's time for a creative revolution for drummers! ACID Pro Freedrum Kit is a ground-breaking and original device that allows you to record spectacular drum grooves in ACID Pro. Just want to practice? Then use your smartphone as a virtual drum kit, wherever and whenever you want.

Powerful 64bit technology sits behind a sleek, new interface that maintains ACID Pro's framed easy workflow. Dozens of new instruments, loops and effects line up with 12GB of brand-new content to give you everything you need to create music in any genre. 


  • 2 drumsticks with sensors include Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle
  • Inspiring, modern interface
  • 9GB of ACID loops and samples
  • Powerful 64bit engine
  • Flexible multitrack recording
  • Innovative loop-based composition
  • Record, play, edit and mix like a pro