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Ghotit Real Writer & Reader is an assistive technology that helps people with reading and writing issues to communicate freely. Ghotit is used by worldwide dyslexics, dysgraphics and many educational institutes and businesses.

Writing Assistance

Ghotit helps users with writing difficulties by providing the following assistive technologies:

  • Quick-Spell Word-Prediction with instant correction for creative/phonetic writers
  • Word-Prediction Topics (Context-enriched Word-Banks)
  • Powerful phonetic and context-sensitive spell checker
  • Advanced grammar and punctuation corrector
  • Word definition and voicing for easy word selection
  • Proofreading

Reading Assistance

Ghotit reading assistance can help a wide range of users with any reading difficulty:

  • Readers that need assistance to read a word or short sentence while reading emails or documents
  • Readers that are challenged with reading an image
  • Readers who need assistance reading a large text where text dual coloring of a read word and a sentence could improve reading comprehension

Productivity Tool

Ghotit ''Dyslexia-Friendly'' Text Editor is a tailor-made productivity tool designed for those who experience problems using common text editors and Google Docs.