Vision Motorised Flat Panel Floor Stand

by Vision
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£495.00 ex VAT
The Vision Flat-Panel Mount Floor (VFM-F) range has the greatest adjustability of any mount available. It accepts almost any size of display – interactive or not. The H-frame provides incredible strength, flexibility, and stability.
1200mm overall height adjustment
As well as the 500mm (20″) of motorised movement, the outer legs fix to the H-frame with 700mm (28″) of range to provide levelling and height adjustment. That means up to 1200mm (47″) of range! At it’s lowest setting it can almost touch the floor. At it’s highest setting the display can be around 2500mm (98″) high.
Wide Stance
The legs are 750mm (30″) wide to create a stable platform. This width reduces wobble and eliminates jacking (shuddering) as the display travels up due to uneven weight distribution.
4 x Wall Anchors
The H-Frame – which is 133mm (5.2″) deep overall – can be fixed directly to the wall or the wall anchors can stand it off from the wall up to 150mm (5.9″) to allows dado rail to pass behind. The wall anchors can be positioned literally at any point behind the H-Frame.
Cable Management
The wall anchor sub-frame has slots to easily cable-tie power distribution blocks and cables at rear.

Main Specifications

Product Description Vision VFM-FM - mounting component
Product Type Mounting component
Mounting Components Frame
Material Steel
Colour White