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Be Heard in the Classroom

Classroom audio systems and solutions


The benefits...

Lively or noisy school classrooms, or high ambient noise from equipment or outside can make it difficult for a teacher to be heard clearly.

The school hall probably has more demands placed upon it than any other room within your school. The school hall hosts everything from morning assemblies to the end of term stage events and it needs a totally integrated sound system that you can rely upon at all times.

Sound plays an integral part in enabling the teaching and learning experience. It's very easy to neglect the importance of sound in a learning environment that's tailored for seeing and doing.

The issues of bad audio...

Many teachers face problems within the classroom of straining their voice to get the full attention of pupils during lessons. These problems can result in low confidence in the teacher of making sure learning outcomes are met; and of pupils' low confidence in understanding what's being taught.

Why choose CBC Computers?

Our team of engineers are able to install and setup a solution designed for use within the classroom. Our solutions include a lapel microphone or headset which connect to a speaker, or set of speakers, strategically positioned in the classroom or school hall.

Managed IT Services

"Our audio solutions are great for communicating immediate messages during indoor and outdoor activities as well as being used within the classroom during lesson time."

Matt Wakefield, IT Engineer - CBC Computer Systems Ltd