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Make every school we support an IT confident school Provide you with the right advice when you need it All engineers Smart certified
Save you money and reduce your ICT costs Keep you up to date on the latest technology for education All engineers CRB checked
Free up your time Educational software advice Most importantly: have you best interests at heart

Projectors and Interactive Whiteboards

Our audio and video installation services have been the main reason for our growth over the last 20 years.

Working with the likes of Smart, Epson and Promethean, we understand the requirements teachers have and how to utilise the boards or screens in the best way possible.

We have our own in-house projector installation team who will assist you in creating the ideal installed interactive solutions for your classrooms. Our team are CHAS accredited and Safe Contractor approved - to give you complete peace of mind.

Making best use of classroom space available is essential to ensure the best environment for teaching. Our interactive whiteboard solutions are always bespoke and designed specifically for your school, college or universities ICT Suite.

Our Aim

When we enter a school our aim is to do more than just maintain your IT infrastructure, our goal is to see the school grow through the use of IT in your classroom.

We deal with lots of schools who have the right equipment ready already in place but unfortunately it is not being used to due errors or reliability issues.

As a company we are there to make sure you are getting the most out of your equipment, and if something goes wrong then there is a failsafe in place to ensure you can teach at any time.


Our Support

Our support services are tailored to suit you. Whether its once a month, once a week or just a one-off visit. We can help