ICT Deployment Services

ICT Deployment

Configuration and imaging for a smooth transition


What is Deployment?

Our deployment service takes away the burden of that out of box setup, we come in and put each machine on the desk or in to the trolley for you, meaning the machines are ready to go with no hassle and no packaging to dispose of.

Our imaging service allows you to save time putting software on each individual machine by CBC doing this for you.

CBC Computers specialise in delivering ICT infrastructure projects to schools, academies and local authorities. This means we understand the constraints and pressures that are individual to your environment.

We can also provide end-to-end ICT and networking services including consultation, design, supply, installation, integration and ongoing support.

How We Do This...

It can be by CBC sending out a single machine for you to setup with everything required which is then mirrored across every other machine.

...or we can come in and go through each piece of software you may require and setup the image for you.


Why Choose CBC Computers?

Our team of ICT technicians continue to assist teachers, support staff, ICT managers, ICT coordinators and other school consultants after the machines have been delivered and setup on site so should there be any issues we are there to assist you.

Managed IT Services

"Imaging one machine can save you hours of work which in turns give you more time to focus on your pupils in the classroom."

Mark Slingsby, CBC ICT Engineer

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