Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Let us take care of your IT assets


Make every school we support an IT confident school Provide you with the right advice when you need it All engineers Microsoft certified
Save you money and reduce your IT costs Keep you up to date on the latest technology for education All engineers CRB checked
Free up your time Educational software advice Most importantly: have you best interests at heart

What's Managed?

CBC Computers offer more than just technology products. Our flexible IT managed services provide you with a smarter more efficient way to manage your IT.

This enables you to reduce your costs which provides the reliability and performance you need to focus on pupil's education.

CBC Computers have been working with schools since the early nineties , back when IT was slowly working its way into the classroom. Now 25 years on, IT has become a mainstay in the classroom environment, with products and software changing on a daily basis.

There are a range of flexible managed services depending on your individual requirements. You can decide whether you want us to take full responsibility of your IT or if you prefer to retain control, we can provide an on-going IT support service when required allowing you to benefit from our specialist skills and knowledge of our engineering team.

Our Aim

When we enter a school our aim is to do more than just maintain your IT infrastructure, our goal is to see the school grow through the use of IT in your classroom.

We deal with lots of schools who have the right equipment ready already in place but unfortunately it is not being used to due errors or reliability issues.

As a company we are there to make sure you are getting the most out of your equipment, and if something goes wrong then there is a failsafe in place to ensure you can teach at any time.


Our Support

Our support services are tailored to suit you. Whether its once a month, once a week or just a one-off visit. We can help.

"My job is to ensure that your schools network runs efficiently at all times. I want to ensure that there are no distractions for you so you can focus on teaching."

Matthew Atkinson, Technical Manager- CBC Computer Systems Ltd