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What is data cabling ?

Different network installation can require different types of data cable. Our engineers are able to install safely and securely the correct type of data cable or wireless network that your school requires.

Our engineers are able to install any type of cabling you require for your ICT suite. Our network cabling installation team can advise and install various different types of data cable. Our data cabling team can install Cat5e cable, Cat6 cable, Cat7 cable and fibre optic cables.

All cable and connections installations are fully tested to industry standards and certified. Our vast amount of knowledge and expertise in network cabling and structured cabling guarantees you the best in data cabling for your school, college or university.

Our school network cable engineers are flexible in working with existing data cabling in your school or academy. If you require additional data cabling, wall sockets or installations of interactive whiteboards for a classroom or computer lab we can supply and install to meet your requirements.

What type of data cable is available?

There are two main types of data cabling. There are standard Ethernet data cables and fibre optic cables. We are able to install the following cables;

• Cat5e Cable

• Cat6 Cable

• Cat7 Cable

• Fibe Optic Cable

What's an ethernet cable and what is fibre optic?

The difference between the two types is that fibre is able to support higher bandwidth requirements and go further distances over traditional ethernet cables.

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