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Schools Broadband

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Better Service at a Lower Price

Schools Broadband is a leader in the field of pioneering technology for schools. Whether you need a faster internet connection, sophisticated Web-Filtering, world leading Network Security or clever networks, CBC Computers and Schools Broadband can deliver it for you. Because their cloud hosted infrastructure is central to everything they do in schools, even the most complex of solutions can often cost less.

Unparalleled Network Security

Schools Broadband's unique partnership with Fortinet, the global leaders in next generation firewalls means there is no one more qualified than Schools Broadband to ensure the full protection of your school’s network. Fortinet Security gives:

Customisable Web Filtering

Schools Broadband's customisable Web Filtering from Lightspeed Systems is one of the most advanced filtering systems available and is designed specifically with schools in mind. With a Schools Broadband internet connection you can:

As a company we are there to make sure you are getting the most out of your equipment, and if something goes wrong then there is a failsafe in place to ensure you can teach at any time.

Our Support

Our support services are tailored to suit you. Whether its once a month, once a week or just a one-off visit. We're willing to be as flexible as you need us to be, just give us a call - we can help.

  • - Tailor internet access by user, IP, group or domain
  • - Expand or contract internet access for specific periods
  • - Restrict or block pages quickly and easily
  • - Have visibility of all web use
  • - Extend policies to off network devices
Managed IT Services
  • - Full visibility, granular control and real-time protection against the latest Advanced Persistent Threats
  • - Unrestricted protection, as there is no per user charge. It comes as part of your flexible package
  • - Peace of mind. There is no risk of theft or damage to your firewall which we host, manage and monitor 24/7
  • - Hourly system updates to protect against the latest and most advanced threats
  • - One single, simplified system that combines firewalls, intrusion prevention, antivirus, antispam and application control.

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