Welcome to CBC Computers!

For nearly 30 years CBC Computers has maintained a vivid passion for enhancing education through technology.

  • Our mission is simple: to provide unrivalled service levels to our customers & solve problems with ICT.
  • Our focus on great outcomes rather than big profits sets us apart from other companies who offer services similar to ours.
  • Our team have a wealth of knowledge in providing educational establishments with the tools they require to succeed.

Supporting Your School!

At CBC we recognise that every school is unique - so no matter what your requirements are we'll always be here to help.

  • When we say support, we mean it. We support your school through the day to day running of your IT needs. For some providers that just means simple maintenance but for us it's everything IT.
  • When we enter a school our aim is to do more than just maintain your IT infrastructure, our goal is to see the school grow through the use of IT in your classroom.





Wireless Networking

Wireless within schools is now one of the most important parts of a school infrastructure. It has to be reliable and it has to be able to handle a large number of devices.

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Audio & Visual Installations

Site surveys are often carried out free of charge as we prefer to see you before any installation, so we get an idea of exactly what you would like and what you are trying to achieve.

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Interactive Solutions

Making best use of classroom space available is essential to ensure the best environment for teaching. Our solutions are bespoke and designed specifically for your school.

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