Do you receive spam email? Is your email system backed up? Are your staff and students protected from the web?

Industry leading technology from Barracuda can help protect you from email and web-borne threats, adding an additional layer of security against inbound malware, spam, phishing and viruses. As a comprehensive solution for web and email security and management, it unites award-winning spyware, malware and virus protection with a powerful policy and reporting engine. Advanced features ensure that organisations adapt to emerging requirements like social-network regulation, remote filtering, and visibility into SSL-encrypted traffic. 

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Simplify Email Security

Customised email protection is in place in a matter of minutes.


Eliminate Threats

Ensure that threats never reach the network perimeter. 


Protect Sensitive Data

Outbound filtering certifies that all outbound emails comply with corporate DLP policies.

Osborne Technologies

Continuous Email Availability

Email is spooled for up to 96 hours, with an option to re-direct traffic to a secondary server. 


Enforce Corporate Policies

Increase productivity and prevent risky behaviour by enforcing granular polices on user activities.

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Secure Laptops and Mobiles

Traffic from remote clients can be filtered with the same policies for on-network users. 

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