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Everyone deserves access to interactive technology. That's why Promethean have created the ActivPanel LX, an easy-to-use, flexible, and affordable front-of-classroom display built to engage, enlighten, and excite teachers and students alike.

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The ActivPanel LX is a reliable, high-quality edtech solution that offers superior value, ease of use, flexibility, and versatility for the evolving classroom environment. It provides distinct benefits for all education stakeholders- from teachers to IT administrators to school leaders


The ActivPanel LX works with the hardware, software, and apps you currently use. That means teachers can start delivering engaging, interactive lessons right away. The ActivPanel LX is easy to install and set up, requiring minimal training and limited support from IT staff. Not only that, IT administrators won't need to enroll, manage, or frequently update the panels or deal with security issues.


The ActivPanel LX offers an impressive array of features, so you can rest assured you'll be using it for many years to come. 
•A crystal clear 4K display that leverages HDMI 2.0 technology 
•Gigabit ethernet ports for uncompromised network speeds to a connected OPS device
•LCD Bonded glass offering excellent writing and viewing experiences
•Advanced touch technology providing pens and touch differentiation, palm erase, and 20-points of touch 
•Dual front-facing speakers and an integrated full-length pen tray.


The ActivPanel LX can be connected to a laptop with a single USB-C cable, instantly turning your laptop into a large format interactive display. It can also be paired with a computing module that fits your preferred eco-system - whether it be Google, Windows, or Android- giving you maximum flexibility. And as your edtech evolves and your needs change, your ActivPanel LX will always be able to adapt.

ActivPanel 9 Interactive Panels 

ActivPanel 9 Panel

  ActivPanel 9 Premium Panel 

Promethean's next-generation interactive panel delivers their most seamless and secure user experience yet. 
The ActivPanel 9 makes it easy for you to teach your way, whether you connect your device or use one of Promethean's computing options, It will quickly become the central hub of your classroom. 

Introducing the premium interactive display for the contemporary classroom. The ActivPanel 9 premium provides robust collaboration and connectivity options for a modern classroom touch screen solution. Preloaded with a variety of teaching tools and the state-of-the-art Vellum writing technology, it's the integral interactive display for education. 


  • Record lessons, including classroom voices and panel content.
  • Ideal for all learning environments.
  • Share recorded lessons with remote and absent students through any platform.
  • Screen Share in real-time for hybrid and blended learning situations.
  • Work seamlessly with educational platforms like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.


  • Open two browsers on the panel at once for improved instruction.
  • Collaborate and communicate in the classroom with Screen Share.
  • Sign in with ease and get started the moment you switch your panel on. 
  • Create a Promethean account so you can personalise your user profile and access it anywhere.
  • Customise your settings and menu with your favourite apps and tools.
  • Capture your screen and quickly save it to the panel, the cloud, or your device.


  • Authenticate with multiple sign-in optios, including a password, QR code, Promethean desktop app, and NFC card.
  • Keep your personal data private within your Promethean account, not on the panel.
  • Install security updates through remote panel management.
  • Lock your panel quickly and easily when you need to be away for a short amount of time.
  • Sign out of your panel from anywhere, ensuring your data is kept safe.

Purposefully Designed for the Classroom 


The only interactive panel with ActivSync technology.

  • Save and open files quickly and easily between your panel and device.
  • Navigate your panel with an intuitive remote so you can move around the class more freely.
  • Work seamlessly with educational platforms liek Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.
  • Access your content and customisations from any ActivPanel 9 with your roaming profile.
  • Connect your device directly to the panel with one cable for your audio, video and data 


Built ot last and powered with robust capabilities 

  • USB-C with 100 watts of power delivery.
  • Integrated microphone array that captures voices in the classroom.
  • Flexible connection options with seven forms of video inputs and outputs.
  • Improved viewing from anywhere in the classroom and increased writing accuracy with bonded glass.
  • Vellum Touch technology with pen and finger differentiation, palm erase, advanced palm rejection, and 20-point touch. 

The ActviPanel series' teacher-centric design reduces learning curves and encourages
user adoption.

Enhanced over-the-air updates reduce the time and effort needed to make software and firmware updates. 

Subscription free access to the award-winning lesson delivery software, ActivPanel and ClassFlow, is included. 

Individual user profiles on each panel ensure that teachers' credentials, files, and browser data remain secure.

The ActivPanel Series has a long lifespan with no dimming projectors or bulbs that need replacing.

Promethean software, apps, and platform services are designed for ongoing enhancements.

Award-Winning Lesson Delivery Software


ActivInspire is a collaborative lesson delivery software for interactive displays. Known and loved by educators around the world, ActivInspire provides a vast suite of tools to create and deliver dynamic lessons. For almost a decade, ActivInspire has been the award-winning lesson delivery platform with a full suite of robust teaching tools that allows teachers to engage students on all instructional levels. Promethean is committed to preserving the simplicity of engagement and has planned enhancements that will take advantage of evolving classroom technologies. ActivInspire will continue to be a stable platform that will support instruction, engage students, and inspire learning for years to come.


The cloud-based lesson delivery software that provides advanced collaboration tools with anytime, anywhere access.Designed by teachers, for teachers, ClassFlow is cloud-based lesson delivery software with advanced collaboration tools for student engagement. Energize the classroom with interactive lessons, activities, quizzes, and millions of immersive resources from educators around the world.