Wireless Networking

As schools continue to increase their use of mobile technology and cloud services, the wireless infrastructure becomes ever more essential in enabling a great environment for teaching and learning. 

We're partnered with Ruckus, who provide the solutions that classrooms need to encourage immersive, student-centric learning, even when using bandwidth-heavy applications. 

"Many schools rely on networks to deliver classroom learning materials. A reliable network is important for both staff and pupils so there are no distractions during lesson time." 

- Steven Ramsden, IT Engineer

Create a Connected Classroom for Digital Learning with Ruckus Solutions

Almost all the latest classroom technologies - laptops, tablets, digital learning applications, online games and apps - now connect over the WiFi network, and they're chewing up huge amounts of bandwidth. With Ruckus, you can provide the highest device density per AP, wired network scaling capabilities, flexible management infrastructure and easiest device onboarding available to deliver the best digital education experience. 

Interactive Panels

Fully Managed

Manage your seamless wireless network easily.


Future Proof

A complete solution that will last for years.


Reduce Downtime

Don't let downtime affect your learning environment.

Osborne Technologies

Easier Connection

Connecting to a Ruckus AP couldn't be easier.


Unlimited Access

No limit to the amount of access on your wireless.

Interactive Accessories


Built-in security for your network is standard.

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Our company has now been in operation for over 30 years with consistent growth over that period, this is testament to our business model which helps our customers achieve their IT goals through long-term partnerships. We keep up with the landscape of the IT industry to make sure we offer our customers long-term solutions. 

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