Transforming how people teach and learn.

Google workspace for education offers you more choice, control and flexibility to meet your organisation's needs.

Google for Education is a collection of innovative tools designed to engage students and simplify tasks for teachers, saving resources and improving performance both in and outside of the classroom. Google's mission is to provide school communities with tools that elevate teaching, learning, collaborating, and being productive - all on one secure platform.

Equip every student

With the tools and skills they need to be successful,
by focusing on inclusivity and accessibility, so we can  
meet students wherever they are

Evolve every day

By continuing to listen to thousands of educators
to create and improve upon our existing solutions, ensuring
that the latest technology is reflected in the tools we build.

Empower every educator

By giving them simple, assistive tools so that they
can focus on what they do best: helping students
wherever they are

Enable every education leader

To bring innovation to their schools at scale,
with the peace of mind that they are investing in
in products that are flexible to their needs.

"With Google Workspace for Education, students are in continual and often live contact with their teachers and other students. This connection helps students become more productive because they are able to overcome obstacles that would've previously left them without support."

Margaret Kuzmicz - Director of Technology

Caroll School

“Google docs has revolutionized how people are teaching. There's more collaboration with students and there is a real-time feedback loop between faculty and students.”

Melissa Kane - Instructional Designer

Brown University

“The impact of chat, especially for our internal support team, has been trans formative. It really lets us interact in a much more informal way, and helps build a level of familiarity with one another that brings us together as a team. ”

James Foley - Lead Instructional Designer

Brown University

Every edition of Google workspace includes :

Education Fundamentals

Education Standard

Teaching and Learning Upgrade

Education Plus

Google Meet

Google meets is a very powerful tool within
Google Workspace for Education. It allows
educators to connect with students virtually
through secure video calls and messaging to
keep learning going outside of school hours.

  • Track attendance, create and manage breakout rooms,
          and offer interactive Q&A and polls.
  • Get dial-in access to meetings so everyone can join, even
          without an internet connection.
  • Provide live captions and real-time transcripts in a range
         of languages.
  • Decide which attendees can share their screens and send
         chat messages.
  • Mute all participants at once.


Classroom is a tool within Google Workspace
for Education that helps educators easily
create, grade, and collect assignments, and
provide rich feedback using built-in grading

  • Manage all of your classes in one place, and set up a class
          in minutes.
  • Store frequently used feedback in your personal comment
          bank and add in-line feedback to student work directly. 
  • Enable plagiarism detection with originality reports.
  • Integrate your favourite third-party tools using Classroom
  • Create and manage classes at scales by syncing
          Classroom rosters from your Student Information System.

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