Chrome Education Upgrade 

Giving teachers the freedom to deliver better learning outcomes by
unlocking the capabilities of Chrome OS.

The pressure on educators is at an all time high.

IT administrators working in education face the same challenges as other industries: supporting the needs of their end users, while juggling security, scalability, and cost.

Chrome Education Upgrade unlocks the capabilities of Chrome OS so you can deliver on both. Creating the freedom for educators to provide exceptional learning experiences for their students, while ensuring security and management at every level.

Choose from hundreds of policies to deploy, manage, lock down, and secure devices, all from the cloud-based Google Admin console.

"I would say that we are saving more than 70% of our time on managing the devices. If we were going to do this with another device, we’d have to almost double our staff. We have all of these devices now, but we don’t hear people
talking about managing them.”

IDC White Paper,

The Economic Value of Chromebooks
in Educational Institutions

Managed Access

  • Sign in controls stop end users from signing into Chromebooks
          with unauthorized accounts.
  • Site blocking prohibits access to social media platforms or
         unmonitored content.
  • Managed guest sessions enable shared, identity-free session in
         libraries and other shared environments.

Simplified Deployment

  • Google Admin Console lets you set device policies, deploy and
          configure printers, and configure Wifi and VPN networks.
  • BYOD model allows you to keep students secure on school issued
         and student owned devices. 
  • OS Versions can be pinned on a Chromebook to prevent updates.
  • Device reporting gives insight into your Chromebook fleet metrics, 
          release channel, OS version and more.

Advanced Security

  • Persistent enrollment ensures devices are always enrolled
         to your domain.
  • Lost and stolen protections prevent data theft by remotely
         disabling devices.
  • Locked mode prevents students from navigating away from
         a test until its done. 
  • Ephemeral mode ensures user data is wiped upon log out.
  • Application verified access allows third-party apps to
         understand Chrome devices and provide service.

24/7 IT Admin Support

  • 24/7 support on OS features.
  • 24/7 support on management features.
  • All this with the added benefit of Chrome OS troubleshooting   
  • Call Google at any time if any issue comes up , at no additional
          cost to your subscription.


Built for learning

With Chromebooks, educators can deepen classroom connections and foster more meaningful learning experiences.

Open a world of opportunities with Chromebooks, schools around the world are investing in their students' futures through next-generation learning technology that fits easily within their budgets.

Get advanced security and administrative tools.

Chromebooks are built with the same multilayered
security Google uses to defend their own operations.
• Get continual improvements with automatic updates
• Centrally manage hundreds of thousands of devices
and more than 200 controls
• Protect user data with the sandboxing, Verified-Boot,
and 128-bit encryption features of Chrome OS

Built by educator- for educators

Inspired by feedback from educators around the world,
Chromebook keeps evolving to better serve your needs.
• Enable personal accessibility settings across devices
• Work effectively both online and off with instant boot up
• Keep productive with an extended all-day battery life
• Securely administer quizzes using locked mode

"Chromebooks have many overall benefits, other than cost, that really enable students to learn. With these devices, students are really getting
ready for a life of learning."

Head of Computer Science School System

Easily deploy and manage to maximize efficiency.

Quickly set up and manage any number of devices. Centrally administer settings and controls for your school network – adding users, devices, printers, and internet access – all from an intuitive web interface.

Deliver value with flexible design.

Get more use from your devices by sharing them across multiple classrooms and students. Choose from a range of Chromebook options to accommodate differing student ages and learning abilities.

Simplify with built-in security.

Keep your devices protected from the latest viruses and threats with preinstalled malware, multilayered security, and automatic updates that can help extend the life span of your Chromebooks.

Make a difference in and out of the classroom.

Help prepare students for the future with collaborative projects that deepen their digital skills. Improve productivity by providing students access to their own apps, settings, and bookmarks from any device.

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