NHS England

During 2017, we completed our largest deployment to date across the South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw area. Over a three month period we deployed 325 printers, 625 PCs with monitors and a number of software applications. With a strong internal and external team we were able to complete the work over 164 sites ahead of schedule and go beyond the expectations of NHS England.

The project itself had a variety of different requirements which included warehouse storage, image building services and deployment via our skilled team of engineers. It was a tight schedule which took rigorous planning to ensure every site was complete before the deadline. We understood that the practices and hospitals can’t afford downtime while we deploy the new equipment, that’s why it was important that the planning was precise. Additionally, we recycled all redundant equipment and properly disposed of all sensitive data.

Due to the success and speed of this deployment we have been trusted to be the service supplier for the next roll out of 3000 PC’s which will be done in 2018, it will also be done over a larger geographical area.

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