St Ann's Catholic Primary

St Ann’s had been looking to transform the way they utilise ICT equipment within the classroom, due to the speed and unreliability of old equipment it became increasingly difficult to use. They were looking to go down a new path and implement a tablet based learning platform within the classrooms in the form of iPads.

Working with their dedicated CBC support engineer gave St. Ann’s the ability to take tablet based computing from planning to deployment very quickly and effectively. As part of our future planning with the school, CBC had previously implemented up to date Ruckus Wireless infrastructure in preparation for tablet based learning.

This gave St. Ann’s confidence that their new network was more than capable of running the new iPads and any other devices. They now have 30 iPads which are shared throughout the school and utilise a charge/sync trolley solution, ensuring all iPads are uniformly synced with all the latest updates and charged.

The introduction of iPads has completely revolutionised the way staff and pupils utilise Information Technology at St. Ann’s.

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