Ecclesfield School

Ecclesfield School prides itself on delivering a high quality, visual learning experience to its students, with a continued effort to stay on trend with the latest technology innovations on the market.

For the past 8 years, Ecclesfield has nurtured a strong relationship with CBC Computers, working with the team on an ongoing project to replace all of the school’s existing lamp-based projectors with Casio’s leading Green Slim Series, allowing the school to unlock the benefits of lamp-free technology.

Before consulting us, Ecclesfield’s IT team would need to replace an average of 10-15 projectors per annum due to hardware failures or a drop off in brightness over time. CBC provided them with a solution, which meant that they had found an alternative which would require little maintenance due to there being no lamps or filters to change. It is this key benefit that makes them the perfect choice for Ecclesfield.

During this project, Ecclesfield specified to CBC that the new replacement models needed to offer a much higher picture quality than their predecessors. The projectors we suggested feature an intelligent brightness control that adjusts brightness levels according to the ambient light in the room. This not only ensures that visuals remain vivid and bright, but due to the Laser & LED light source, brightness levels are guaranteed to remain consistent across the projector’s 20,000 hour lifetime.

Michael Rodgers, ICT Support Officer, Ecclesfield School;

 “Ecclesfield has been in a BSF (Building Schools for the Future) contract with the local council for a number of years and so when this came up for renewal, we specified that we would like some of the funding to go towards a roll out of new projectors for the school.”

Nearly every teaching room is now equipped with a Casio Green Slim projector, which makes the total an impressive 90 projectors installed in the school, ensuring continuity throughout the building and promoting ease of use for teachers.

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