Chesterfield College

Chesterfield College needed a modern, state of the art wireless system to support their existing infrastructure and allow guests to connect to the WiFi temporarily. Because of this, they needed an up-rated system which could handle potentially hundreds of users to connect at the same time. We suggested Ruckus Wireless. The Ruckus ZoneDirectors automatically synchronise network configurations meaning it was a simple transition from their current infrastructure, and they'd have as much control over the wireless as they'd like.

The new system integrated with ease, and allowed the college to set up guest hot spots, where they could connect to the WiFi temporarily for the duration of their visit. Ruckus stands out as it allowed the students to connect to the WiFi network with very fast connection speeds, as well as working flawlessly each and every time they tried to connect.

Not only this, but by utilising the full flexibility of the Ruckus ZoneFlex 7731 we were able to ensure that a separate, isolated building on the college's campus was still able to connect to the WiFi with great connection speeds, at a low cost.

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