Armadura 8 in 1 USB-C 3.1 Hub Adapter

by Armadura
£19.95 ex VAT

This high speed USB-C Hub, multi-port adapter offers convenient access to multiple devices on your USB-C laptop, tablet or phone. This device's extensive compatibility will help you meet all of your needs and increase your work flow with easy integration of all of your devices all in one easily portable device, simplifying your life. 

This USB-C Hub is ideal for any of the latest USB C Laptops as it provides extra  USB-A ports for easy compatibility with all of your devices. A HDMI and VGA port for any of your display needs and SD/TF slots to make transferring files as easy as possible. Whilst the 1000 Mbps wired ethernet allows for a more reliable and faster internet surfing experience and with pass-through charging up to 100W power delivery, there's no need to choose between port expansion and power. 


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