ActivPanel 9 Premium

65" 4K, 75" 4K, 86" 4K

The Most Powerful, Teacher-Friendly
Classroom Solution

Delivering Promethean's highest level of performance, the ActivPanel 9 Premium interactive display provides the most intuitive and integrated learning experience available.  Powerful, teacher-friendly and built to integrate into an evolving technological landscape, the ActivPanel 9 Premium is packed with features that respond to the unique needs of teachers, IT
administrators, and school leaders. 

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The only interactive panel with ActivSync, Promethean’s patented technology, ActivPanel 9 Premium breaks the digital barriers between devices and enables increased connectivity.

  • Get direct and uninterrupted access to a connected computer’s file manager, allowing you to access content on that device and save content created at the panel directly
    to it.
  • Access cloud classrooms like Microsoft Teams for Education and Google Classroom quickly and intuitively.


With enhanced security and sign-in options, personal data is kept safe and confidential in your Promethean profile, not on the panel.

  • Get one-touch NFC card authentication and single-step authentication from connected computing devices, facilitated by ActivSync.
  • Access additional sign-in options via Google or Microsoft OAUTH, and panel-specific code and QR code mean no passwords are entered on the panel.


The intuitive interface and user-friendly design of the ActivPanel 9 Premium empowers teachers and motivates students to learn.

  • Get a truly personalised environment each time you sign in with your Promethean account, as well as customisable shortcuts and layouts.
  • Enhance your teaching with Promethean’s intuitive Classroom Essential apps.


ActivPanel 9 Premium helps schools improve learning equity by providing students with optimal educational experiences in all learning environments.

  • Record all content on the panel, including classroom audio, using the built-in microphone array.
  • Share recordings easily with students via established cloud classrooms.


Designed for the classroom with sustainability and longevity at its core, ActivPanel 9 Premium is an investment that will stand the test of time.

  • Apply over-the-air (OTA) updates, the latest security features, and our newest panel software offerings using Promethean Panel Management or Radix.*
  • Get a warm boot with our proximity sensors, achieve energy efficiencies with our power management settings, and reduce your carbon footprint with our redesigned packaging.


For customers wishing to use the Microsoft ecosystem, the ActivConnect OPS-M creates an all-in-one, large-format Windows experience on the ActivPanel.

  • The Promethean Chromebox is the perfect solution for customers wishing to extend their existing Chrome OS ecosystem to the ActivPanel. It provides certified access to your preferred apps from the Google Play Store. Availability varies by region.
  • Create the best solution for each classroom with the ActivPanel Stands. Choose from a fixed wall mount, height-adjustable wall mount, fixed-height mobile stand, and height-adjustable mobile stand. Availability varies by region.

The Only Interactive Panel with ActivSync Technology

The ActivPanel 9 Premium delivers a revolutionary new user interface that places all of the most commonly used tools right at teachers' fingertips and within natural line of sight. This Unified Menu is always accessible and allows teachers to move seamlessly between
content and resources without disrupting the flow of lessons.

Within the Unified Menu, the Locker provides teachers with one place to go for all their favourite apps, tools, and files, saving time and making teaching with technology easier.

Award-Winning Lesson Delivery Software

Deliver engaging, interactive lessons using your choice of Promethean's award-winning educational software solutions. ClassFlow and ActivInspire are created and supported by Promethean, designed by teachers for teachers, and included with the purchase of the ActivPanel Elements series with no annual subscription.

Known and loved by educators around the world, ActivInspire provides a vast suite of tools to create and deliver dynamic lessons.

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The cloud-based lesson delivery software that provides advanced collaboration tools with anytime, anywhere access.

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New Ways to Engage

The ActivPanel 9 Premium includes Classroom Essential apps and a variety of teaching tools - all available at the touch of a button. Use the infinite canvas on the highly intuitive Whiteboard app to instantly supplement lessons. Draw, highlight, and annotate over any content from any source. Quickly screen capture content, crop, and open it within the Whiteboard app for further discussion. Add excitement to any lesson or activity with the
customisable Spinner and Timer apps.

A Writing Experience Without Limitations

Promethean's Vellum writing technology delivers an authentic writing experience without limitations, enabling teachers and students to write confidently, fluidly, and naturally. The writing is fast and accurate and works just as expected. Pens write, fingers touch, and palms erase - it's like writing on a dry erase whiteboard, only better.

Save Time and Resources for Technology Administrators

Promethean Panel Management provides school IT administrators with one place to go to manage all ActivPanel Elements series interactive displays within their organisations. Easily deploy remote over-the-air updates, enroll new panels, set permissions, and more.

Get Started Teaching - Instantly

The ActivPanel 9 Premium automatically warms up in the background when someone enters the room saving time. Teachers can now quickly get started with their lessons with the tap of a finger anywhere on the panel. 

Designed for IT Support and Security

  • Enhanced over-the-air updates reduce the time and effort needed to make software and firmware updates
  • All included software, apps, and platform services are purposefully designed for ongoing enhancements
  • Individual user profiles on each panel ensure that teachers' credentials, files and browser data remain secure
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Our company has now been in operation for over 30 years with consistent growth over that period, this is testament to our business model which helps our customers achieve their IT goals through long-term partnerships. We keep up with the landscape of the IT industry to make sure we offer our customers long-term solutions. 

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