Recycling Portable Batteries

What is a portable battery?

Portable batteries include AA/AAA cells, button cells, mobile phone batteries and laptop batteries.

Products that use portable batteries include:
- Hearing aids
- Portable cameras
- Toys
- Electric razors
- Watches
- Cordless power tools
- Electric toothbrushes
- Hand-held vacuum cleaners

If a battery is available for purchase by the general public or businesses, then it is likely to be a portable battery unless it is too big to be hand-carries or is clearly an automotive or industrial battery.

For more information on the difference between portable, industrial and automotive batteries, please visit the guidance at:

Under the Waste Battery Regulations, CBC Computer Systems Ltd offer a take back scheme for all portable waste batteries. A collection bin is available at our Brown Street office in Sheffield. You can return you wate batterie to our business premises during available office hours - Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:30, in person. 

Please do not post your waste batteries.

Batteries should never be put in general household waste or recycling bins - look out for the crossed wheelie bin symbol on the packaging or the battery itself. 

Most supermarkets and shops that sell batteries will have collection bins for used batteries, and some town halls, libraries or schools may also have set up collection points. You may find stores in your local area more accessible. Alternatively, please click here to locate your nearest recycling center. 

Please note - CBC Computer Systems Ltd cannot accept Automotive or Industrial batteries of any kind.