SMART Board GX Series

Basically Brilliant 

SMART Board 7000 series is 25 years in the making, and all new. The 7000 series is the digital heart of your interactive classroom experience, connecting SMART Boards and software, devices and vibrant imaginations. It helps students discover talents and passions, and teachers to promote student achievement in exciting new ways.

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4K Ultra HD, LED 50,000 Hrs

Exclusive SMART Ink software

20 Points of Touch 


Backed By SMART Warranty 

20 Points of Touch Interaction 

Touch designed for learning. The GX lets teachers write, erase, and move notes intuitively. Connect a computer to the GX and you can write, move, gesture and erase without making menu selections, all powered by object awareness.

Quality That Makes The Grade 

SMART Board displays meet world-leading standards for product safety, warranty coverage, environmental compliance, and regulatory and interoperability standards, using third-party testing, verification and certificates.

Connect Your Classroom 

Integrate Student Devices With Ease. Let students share ideas and class work from up to four connected students devices, using app-based screen sharing. Teachers can guide learning with touchback to Windows and MAC Computers. 

Better Video Conferencing

SMART displays work with UVC webcams, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and more. YOu can share screens in these applications and enhance remote learning with digital ink and other lesson delivery tools (like spotlight) to focus students' attention. 

Includes free learning software

Turn static content into interactive lessons with the world's best education software designed to work within the workflows your teachers already use.


With SMART Ink, teachers can enjoy SMART's annotation experience on any connected Windows or MAC computer. Write into applications and web browsers, and the ink stays even when teachers switch to other applications.  Write into familiar file types, such as PDF's and Microsoft Office files, then save your notes. Move, copy, paste and erase notes or even convert them to text, without needing to change pens. 

SMART Notebook

The SMART Board GX includes awardwinning software at no additional cost, enabling teachers to create, edit and deliver lessons optimised for SMART Board interactive Displays. The basic version of SMART Notebook included free with the GX panel gives educators abundant interactive lesson possibilities and a richer learning atmosphere, full of teachable moments. 

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