SMART Board MX Series

Powerfully Simple. 

Meet the user and budget friendly solution to elevating your outcomes. The SMART Board MX tools educators need at a great value. Designed and built to last, the MX series is available in 55", 65", 75" and 86" sizes making it a flexible and affordable alternative to classroom projectors.

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Exclusive free learning software

Featuring iQ embedded computing

Exclusive SMART Ink software

Simultaneous tool differentiation

ENERGY STAR certified

MX Board features

Easy to deploy, use and support. 

Easily connect devices, lesson content, and learning experiences, both in the classroom and remotely. The SMART Board MX interactive display is easy to deploy and support, which means savings in training costs and time, less change and effort for teachers and fewer teacher support calls - all adding up to a lower total cost of ownership.

Better touch, more collaboration. 

Everyone can write, move objects, gesture, and erase at the same time, without interrupting the flow of learning to select tools or change modes. New zero-bonded glass gives you precise interactions and digital ink, so the MX series is perfect for teaching everything from the biggest ideas to the smallest details.

Write anywhere on any file. 

Writing and drawing isn't limited to a whiteboard. SMART Ink® desktop software lets teachers make notes anywhere: write into and over web browsers, applications, and familiar file types such as PDFs and Microsoft Office®. The ink stays even when teachers switch applications.

Built For Education - No Computer Required  

iQ's integrated Android-based experience gives teachers an easier way to engage students that's specifically designed to be simple and accessible for all teachers, regardless of comfort level with technology. Automatic updates and ease of maintenance and ensure your technology investment continues to meet the needs of your teachers and classrooms now and in the future.

Engage Remote Learners. 

Connect with remote learners using screen sharing, digital ink, whiteboards, and lesson-delivery tools (like Spotlight) to focus students' attention. SMART displays work with UVC webcams, Zoom, Google Meet™, Microsoft Teams™, and more.

Create and deliver rich, interactive lessons.

Enhance lessons with ready-made whiteboard templates, graphic organizers, manipulatives, widgets, and interactive activities. Keep learning lively with features like infinite cloning, text editing and 3D objects, and subject-specific tools like creative pens, equation editor and math tools. 

Built to use. Built to last.

Durable and commercial-grade, SMART Board displays have received many safety, regulatory and environmental certifications, giving you peace of mind that they adhere to government or other regulatory requirements.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

Accelerated Life Testing

LED Rated for 50,000 Hours

Fully Heat-Tempered,
Anti-Glare Glass

Silktouch Frictionless Surface

ENERGY STAR Certification

Conflict-free Materials and Sourcing

Regulatory and Environmental Certifications

SMART Assure Warranty

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