SMART Notebook Plus

The world's leading education software, taken to
the next level. 

Give teachers the tools they need to create lessons that engage and excite.

SMART Notebook Plus unlocks web-based features to allow students to individually engage with lesson content on their devices and game-based activities that make formative assessment fun. Notebook Plus brings the best in student engagement to any interactive display. 

Experience Active Learning 

Connect student devices for more
active learning 

Instead of using devices only for independent work, Notebook Plus leverages your tech  investments to make students an active part of the lesson. Features likewhole-class brainstorming and competitive quizzes make students a part of the learnign, even if they're joining from outside of the classroom itself.

Make Learning Fun 

Game-based activities: Learning but make it fun 

Games and activity templates for individual students, groups, or whole class instruction transform any lesson into a dynamic, memorable learning experience. Use your own curriculum content to create popular activites like drag and drop, sorting, ranking, and matching - all in less than 5 minutes.

Track Progress Easily

Real-time insight to student comprehension 

Quickly check for knowledge gaps with tools teachers can use on the fly like polls, quizzes, or open-ended questions. Formative assessments intregated into the lesson flow allow teachers to adjust their lessons in the moment based on the needs of their students. 

Make the Most Out of Your Tech 

It works with your current tech. Full stop. 

SMART Notebook Plus connects with any brand of interactive display, and both Windows and MAC OS, allowing you to standardize our learning software and connect it to any student device and your SMART account including LUMIO. No matter what your tech configuration is, Notebook Plus is compatible and easy to use.