Learning through play and physical movement 


WizeFloor is an award-winning interactive floor for education. It is designed to promote learning through play and physical activity. WizeFloor projects a vast collection of games and activities on to the floor and makes them interactive using camera tracking technology.  Participants use their hands, feet and physical objects, such as bean bags or play cones to partake in games, complete activities and learn individually or in groups. 

What does WizeFloor do?

Improve Teamwork Skills

Approximately four to six people can interact at any time, whilst engaging many more by working in teams. 

Designed To Fit Your Curriculum

Create your own activities and adopt existing ones, tailoring tasks and objectives to suit your topics and curriculum. 

Suitable For Everyone 

Suitable for schools, nurseries, special schools, hospitals and more!

Exciting, Engaging And Fun 

A fun and collaborative learning tool encouraging physical movement.

The Software Behind it 

WizeFloor is a state of the art cloud-based solution allowin gyou to create content from anywherein the world as well as controlling your Wizefloor remotely from mobile devices such as iPads or tablets. The WizeFloor community provides east acces to hudreds of ready-made games and activities. Quickly use or adapt these resources and share your own creations with other WizeFloor users.

Ways to use WizeFloor in your classroom 


Create Group Quizzes

Use the Quiz Application floor game inspired by Trivial Pursuit to test your students on any subject in your curriculum. The purpose is to answer as many questions correctly as possible. WizeFloor make use of kinaesthetic interaction in that children use their bodies to select the correct answers. 


Make Spelling Fun 

Make spelling fun with Dungeon Jump, the spelling games where you must jump from one stone to another, spelling out the given word correctly. The goal is to find the key and open the treasure chest, the game allows for up to three players to take turns in solving the tasks. You can compete on both time and score against other schools around the country.


Explore Practical Math 

Allow students to get a physical grasp of area, angles and lengths with Geometrix. On the floor a grid corresponds to 20 cm in real life so the measurements shown corrspond to the real physical measurements on the floor.

All these apps and hundreds more available with the WizeFloor.

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