Epson ELPCB03 - Projector Control Box

SKU: V12H927040DA
by Epson
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Teachers can now experience a higher level of control and connectivity in the classroom with the ELPCB03. This wall-mounted AV control box perfectly complements Epson's short-throw and ultra-short-throw display solutions. Teachers,and pupils,benefit from greater device connectivity,ease of use and neat cable management.

This convenient,wall-mounted box boasts a direct source button for 3x HDMI connectivity,split screen support (including the use of two HDMI inputs),and even a user-friendly LED color change for color blind users. Such attention to detail makes this highly-intuitive device the perfect solution for simple,streamlined control of classroom multimedia devices.

Compatible with: Epson EB-520,EB-525W,EB-530,EB-530 S,EB-535W,EB-536WI,EB-670,EB-675W,EB-675Wi,EB-680,EB-680S,EB-680Wi,EB-685W,EB-685Wi,EB-685WS,EB-685WT,EB-695Wi,EB-695WIE,EB-696Ui,EB-710Ui


Main Specifications

Product Description Epson ELPCB03 - projector control box
Product Type Projector control box
Placing / Mounting Wall mountable
Dimensions (WxDxH) 23 cm x 8.3 cm x 22.6 cm
Weight 1.2 kg
Designed For Epson EB-520,EB-525W,EB-530,EB-530 S,EB-535W,EB-536WI,EB-670,EB-675W,EB-675Wi,EB-680,EB-680S,EB-680Wi,EB-685W,EB-685Wi,EB-685WS,EB-685WT,EB-695Wi,EB-695WIE,EB-696Ui,EB-710Ui

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