Nokia T20 Android Tablet - 10.4" - 64 GB - Blue - WIFI

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by Nokia
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The Nokia T20 tablet brings the classic quality people expect from Nokia phones to the big screen and helps you to find a better work-life balance. The crystal clear 2K screen lets you see work presentations and movie marathons in stunning detail, and enhanced speakers and dual microphones help you hear and be heard better. Take part in up to 7hrs of conference calls, enjoy your favorite show, or work and play throughout the day with its long-lasting battery life. 


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Quality You Can Trust


Designed, built and tested with the same passion as all Nokia products, T20 brings that trusted quality to the big screen, so you have one less thing to worry about - even if your day gets a little bumpier.

Battery Life 

Nowadays, long battery life is a necessity. Nokia T20 comes with enough power to see you through up to 7 hours of online meetins, 10 hours of movies or 15 hours of surfing the web. Plus, faster charging means you can get back to what you were doing even quicker. From conference calls to science class, the power is yours.


Nokia T20 makes light work of your day-to-day (and night) viwing with a captivating 2K screen. So, whether you're viewing a work presentation on the go, or just relaxing at home with a movie, every detail will look fantastic. Its also low blue light it's easier on the eyes.


Stay up to date with 2 years of OS upgrades and keep the whole family sae and sound with 3 years of timely security updates. Its all locked safely behind the easy-to-use face unlock feature.

Conquer Any Battlefield

Whether you're playing games or multi-tasking across a few apps, you need a device that keeps up with your needs. Thankfully, Nokia T20 boasts power to spare, wih an octa-core chip ensuring a faster, more reliable user experience, even when pushed to the max. In short, there's some serious power under the hood. 

You need to be able to catch every word of every meeting, and when the day is done, enjoy your favoruite entertainment with the stunning sound it deserves. Stereo speakers with OZOZ Playback deliver truly immersive listening experience - wherever you are. 

Become Immersed
In Sound

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